This is the process of applying solid coaching principles to help a leader or associate develop their contribution. As a certified leadership coach, I bring the knowledge, skills and experience of years of real coaching – not counseling, consulting, mentoring or training to the coaching relationship.

Together, we focus in on what the coachee really, really wants (that could end up being out of the seat or organization) and we form a plan for them to get there as quickly as possible for their style, drivers competencies and attitudes. I can certainly provide some clients to connect with if you like.

Coaching Designed To Bring You Results. Let’s Start the conversation.

Leadership coaching delivered by Right Connections is typically designed to be a one-year program that begins with clarifying your leadership role and the concrete expectations required for leadership in your organization and your seat.

We do this using powerful tools and assessments as well as a self-evaluation of leadership competencies that will allow a clear definition of your strengths and weaknesses. We use this to identify gaps and opportunities to the job benchmark and self-assessment in order to create a development plan specific enough to be written down, shared and executed.

I have adopted a mindset taught by Steve Chandler and Rich Litvin called ‘Fearless Coaching‘. Go get the book by these two as I shamelessly plug it here.

I have five criteria that any new client must meet. They must be inspiring or have an inspiring mission. They must be ready to make a big impact in the world. They must be fun. They must bring along a challenge. I’m not looking for an easy ride. And they must understand the power of commitment.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter if I’m a coach, consultant or if I can sprinkle fairy dust on you. What I believe you care about is whether or not you believe I can truly help you dive deeper into the question: What do you really, really, really, really want? Nobody pays for coaching. What they pay for is the very real possibility of a goal or destination being achieved that would not have been achieved without help – help that is what I’ve learned is Fearless Coaching. I’m not going to solve anything for you and won’t have many answers. What I will be is a project manager for you. Helping you convert your dream into a project and holding you accountable to focused execution.

You’ll need to be ‘all-in’ and so will I. If this makes sense, you will find a way to pay for it – otherwise it’s a clear no for now.

What you can expect from me is my “A” game of challenge and accountability, driving clarity and focus that will likely be painful for both of us. I will need to be willing to say things to you that no one else would dare say and help you see what you cannot see. My role is to serve you so powerfully that you never forget the experience for the rest of your life. It’s a high standard that I will do my very best to achieve.

So – here’s the invitation. If this is something you think you’re ready to take on, then I would recommend we have an initial conversation. But let me be clear: you do not need coaching, In fact, nobody needs coaching. Personally, I believe in coaching so much that I’ve had my own coach, actually two of them for years. But that’s because I love having someone who believes in me. I love having someone hold me accountable to a bigger vision. I love having someone who doesn’t believe in the negative stories I tell myself or the fears that hold me back. Basically, unless it’s an absolute yes for you, we will leave that meeting totally clear that it is a no. And that’s OK – since we can come back to it anytime you might be ready.

Are you ready? Let’s start a conversation!

“I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for the invaluable guidance and support you have provided to our organization. Your commitment to assisting us in fulfilling our mission has been nothing short of a blessing, and we are truly thankful for the dedication and expertise you have brought to the table. Your wisdom and discernment have been instrumental in helping us with the greater purpose we strive to achieve.

May God continue to guide and inspire you in all your endeavors and may his grace overflow in every aspect of your life. Once again, thank you for all that you do we are immensely grateful for your partnership.”

KP – Dir. of Human Resources and Organizational Development