Leadership Coach Training

A true coaching approach allows you to focus on the right things – not simply doing things right.

Hands-on coach training

  • Coaching provides the focus and sustainability for any training or development initiative to stick.
  • New thinking won’t happen with a one-and-done approach
  • It is a part of every engagement with Right Connections
  • Learn how to be a better coaching leader


(100% – 500%) improvement and acceleration
of success

How? Through Coach Training

  • Bring a coaching initiative to your organization
  • Experience 70% increased performance
  • Improve business management 61% (decision making, goal achievement)
  • Increased team effectiveness 51%
One of the biggest challenges for leaders is to get out of the weeds. To level up and delegate. To develop other leaders that have the capacity to take on more. One of the most effective tools to accomplish this is practicing a coaching leadership style to help others solve their own problems.
Leadership Coach Training (LCT) is a unique mix of content, interaction, and practice which result in genuine learning. In the eight weeks following the workshop, you’ll be a part of a weekly 60-minute webinar that will build upon and deepen the content you have learned.
You will also have a peer that you will practice true coaching principles and develop strategies for injecting a true coaching approach into your leadership style. At the end, you will have the skills and confidence you need to use coaching in a variety of real life situations.

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