Talent Selection

Candidate Assessment / Debrief using TriMetrix HD

The Trimetrix HD measures:

  • 3 core dimensions of thought
  • 25 competencies or soft skills
  • 4 core behavioral characteristics
  • 12 Driving Forces

The TriMetrix HD report reveals specific details that will enable you to see the most accurate and detailed picture of a person’s “how”, “why”, “what” (have done) and “what” (can do) to uncover insights into all levels of their talent — a crucial part of the hiring process to ensure superior performance long term.

Everyone’s brain has a unique thought process or model through which we filter and assess our views of the world. These patterns of thought determine our acumen: our ability to make good judgments. Adding this element to a report provides you with a layered profile that reveals the most “ah-ha” moments to your client at a glance.

We provide expert analysis about the results of the HD report that allows you to go so much deeper in the final interview process. This paves the way for greater confidence and success of the new hire.

Reduce Turnover, Increase Productivity and Job Satisfaction

Your gut instincts have allowed you to come this far. You’re extremely good at hiring the right people for the right seats on the bus. But are all your hiring managers as good as you at knowing if the person will fit?

What if you could systematize your “gut” and make it repeatable with everyone who is responsible for selecting just the right person for a seat on the bus?

We make sure your team is extremely clear on what the job REALLY is.

  • What are the 5 key roles this job needs to execute?
  • What are the 5 Key result accountabilities that this job needs to deliver?
  • What are all the nuances, skills, attitudes, motivations required?
  • We partner with you to put best practices in place for you to be confident that you know clearly how the person will fit and how to manage them for long term success.

The value of assessments in candidate Selection

When would you want to know if you have cancer? You would want to know as soon as possible! The value of assessments in the selection process is the information to test deeper for whether this person is the right person for the organization and for the seat. To know before the decision is made to hire.

We are all broken people working to be better people. Using assessments in the selection process provides a way to uncover areas we may not even know about ourselves that hold clues to right-person-right-seat answers.

Need to hire a critical role or leader? Have a candidate on the hook and not quite sure if they will fit? Call today to talk about a candidate assessment.