Leadership and People Development

Building Capacity for Growth

The Power is in the Conversation

Are you clear and aligned on what leadership is for your organization?

Have you been burned by a wrong person or wrong seat issue?

Take your people to the next level.

We help you create a systematic and strategic approach to leadership and people development that allows you to build capacity so you’re ready for the next growth opportunity. Build your well before you need water!

Role Clarity

“Superior results begin with clarity of expectations”

If everyone has a different view of what leadership is or what any given role is expected to do, you’re not rowing in the same direction. By allowing the job to tell you what it needs, your team is aligned and better able to support the person in the seat.

“The job benchmarking process of role clarification ensures alignment to expectations, and now we can train and develop to that instead of using random acts of training.”

Talent Selection

“I’m having a difficult time communicating with a team member.”

The Onboarding process highlights styles between teammates, where they align and where they collide. Getting these strengths and challenges out in the open paves the way for strategies and practices that positively influence communication outcomes.

“And so it has also proven to be a wonderful coaching tool, a development tool. Every person on the leadership team has taken the assessment and we’ve gone through the assessment together so I can sit there and basically communicate and leverage for the best of the organization, and to give the person the greatest level of joy and satisfaction.”


“A leader on my team would benefit from leadership coaching.”

Leadership coaching is proven to increase productivity and effectiveness of leaders, teams and individuals. We pinpoint areas that will help build proficiency and character. Better person, better employee, better leader.

“I’ve used Jim in a coaching capacity to be able to say, alright, let’s talk about this person, let’s talk about the situation. And that’s proven to be really successful too. He’s helping my people work within their own profiles to perform at a higher level. I have my leadership team using Jim as an executive coach. And every single one of them has come back to me and said, this has been so helpful. Thank you for investing in me.”

“I get approached on a regular basis by individuals who offer executive coaching services, in my view what they offer is much less capable and impactful to me than your assessment and debrief process. What is really powerful in your process is understanding from the assessment what your core motivators and personality drivers are and how to work with them.” – President, Gullview Technologies